Gashor owes much of its success to its wide range of quality ovens. Our ovens are characterized by their heavy-duty performance, durability and functionality.

We supply a wide range of types and models in accordance with our customers’ needs. Our technical and commercial team advises our customers on the most suitable characteristics and features for each case.

Tunnel ovens with cyclothermic radiation for continuous cooking processes. Ideal for baking bread, pre-cooked bread, puff pastry, muffins, sliced bread and pastry products. Túnel de radiación ciclotérmico, para procesos de cocción en continuo. Ideal para cocción de pan, pan precocido, hojaldres, muffins, pan de molde y cualquier producto de pastelería.

Different heating sections with independent temperature and air flow control. Independent heat control at ceiling/floor level and right/centre/right in each section. Vaporizers adapted to each product and process. Optional forced convection heating system. Custom design for each product and process.