Ferneto Planetary Mixer


Such as the spiral mixer in bakery, the planetary mixer is the machine with the higher preponderance/importance inside the pastry shop. The importance that the planetary mixer has in bakery, as an initiator instrument of the productive process, contributes to be (often) denominated the “heart” of the pastry shop.

Its main function is the capacity to gather ingredients, involving them homogeneously and almost naturally, as if it were an experienced professional with perfect curvilinear movements and full of energy, capable of achieve the quality required by the recipes creators.

The batters made by the planetary mixer are the essential base to success product development amongst consumers…
A dessert will only be well decorated with a quality emulsion…
In summary, the planetary mixer is a vital instrument for cake bakers chefs.

It is under this purpose, that Ferneto conceives and develops its equipments, not forgetting its true reason for being: assist in achieving higher/increased productivity, suiting up to different needs, recipes and working rhythms.

We currently have a large segment of planetary mixers witch include from 10l to 60l and from 80l to 140l (industrial planetary mixers). Elevated structure for easy pavement cleaning, digital, analog or touch control panel, scrapers, bowl automatic elevation are some characteristics available in standard or stainless steel version.

If you are interested in buying/acquire/purchase /invest (in) this equipment, independently the concept of your business and the special needs that possess/holds, talk with us and verify/prove/confirm the productive performance of the BTF planetary mixer.


Bowl capacity (l) 60
Emulsion (l) 15
Creams without emulsion (l) 30
Creams with emulsion (l) 18
Bread dough (flour) (Kg)-(lb) 12 (26,46)
Shortcrust pastry (dough) (Kg)-(lb) 18 (39,68)
Working hours (h) 0-8
Power (kW)-(hp) 400V.3ph.50~60Hz 2,2 (3)
230V.1ph.50~60Hz 3 (4)
230V.3ph.50~60Hz 2,2 (3)
Power lifting (kW)-(hp) 400V.3ph.50~60Hz 0,25 (0,3)
230V.1ph.50~60Hz 0,25 (0,3)
230V.3ph.50~60Hz 0,25 (0,3)
Hub attachment power (kW)-(hp) 400V-3ph-50/60Hz 0,55 (0,75)
230V.1ph.50~60Hz 0,55 (0,75)
230V.3ph.50~60Hz 0,55 (0,75)
Net weight (Kg)-(lb) 215 (473,99)
Dimensions (mm)-(in) A 620 (24 7/16) B 970 (38 3/16)
C 1445 (56 7/8) C’ 1725 (67 15/16)
D 870 (34 1/4) D’ 775 (30 1/2) E 215 (8 7/16)

* Based on: 60% dough hydration, 12% flour moisture, 2˚C water