Description of the station
Automatic dispensing station for minority ingredients consisting of as many tanks as ingredients to be dispensed (2-20 ingredients).

Each ingredient is dispensed by means of an endless screw or vibrating bottom to a weighing scale and conveyed through a pipe by means of pneumatic transport to the consumption points. Fast dispensing system (dispenses 10 ingredients in up to 4 minutes), with high weighing accuracy and restricted access to recipes.

Description of the station

  1. Manual or automatic loading of the ingredients into the tanks.
  2. Dispensing of 2 to 20 ingredients at the same station.
  3. High precision, up to 5 g per ingredient
  4. Unloading into bucket or up to consumption point.
  5. Up to 99 recipes, with restricted access.
  6. No product or weighing fault alarm.
  7. Customized programming.
  8. Ethernet connection with Gashor.